Outsourced General Counsel

General counsel services are as diverse as the name suggests.  Many clients hire us to serve as their general counsel.  In this role, we use our experiences to efficiently develop an in-depth familiarity with our clients' business and legal needs.  

Companies must deal with operational and commercial transactions on a daily basis.  We work closely with our clients to manage the entire transaction by negotiating terms and drafting agreements.  Such transactions include contracts and relationships with customers, suppliers, equipment vendors, distributors and sales representatives, contract manufacturers, and strategic partners.  We also can help with Intellectual Property strategy, including the protection and policing of Intellectual Property portfolios. 

Similarly, we recognize that companies are faced with daily challenges to comply with a rapidly changing regulatory environment. We are experienced in all areas of corporate governance counseling, including board and board committee compensation, officer fiduciary duties and responsibilities, stockholder relations, and "best practices" for boards, directors, and committees.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our firm advises on the full range of merger and acquisition transactions.  For many privately held and family businesses, the sale of the enterprise is the ultimate exit strategy. Therefore, our expertise in mergers and acquisitions is critical to our clients' ability to achieve their overall objective. Regardless of size, we realize that every transaction is important to our clients.

The need for sophisticated and coordinated real-time counsel and advice is critical in every transaction.  Our experiences include representation of buyers and sellers in a wide variety of transactions, ranging from simple asset or stock sales to more complex mergers, recapitalizations, and stock swaps.