About Us

General counsel services are as diverse as the name suggests.  As outsourced general counsel, we help our clients with their daily business law needs.  When the time comes, we help our clients better understand, organize and, ultimately, monetize their business in various manners including full or partial equity sales, asset sales, divestitures, growth acquisition strategies, and recapitalization.  We also provide our clients with access to an unparalleled network with broad expertise and perspective across a wide range of industries.


Why choose us over other capable professionals? We differentiate ourselves because:

We Are Experienced - With decades of business law experience, we immediately understand the core issues of any business law matter.  We are not learning at the expense of our clients.  We are focused on results and closing transactions of any size.    

We Are Business Owners - We are owners of family and privately held businesses.  Having personally experienced the ins and outs of daily operations and their real-world impact on a business gives us the unique capability to sit with the board of directors or senior management and discuss almost any aspect of business law.  

We Get Family Businesses - Our principal comes from a family business and understands that the daily interfamily paradigm can range from frustration to joy.  We have helped resolve business and legal issues relating to family feuds, nepotism, emotions and lack of strategic succession planning. Whether it’s a first or multiple generation family business, our experience gives us the insight to advise family businesses, shareholders, senior management and the next generation on best practices.
We Are Multicultural - Our principal comes from a world in which language and culture are interchanged, melded together, and impact business operations.  We understand the dynamics of generational evolution and the conflicts between the old and the new guard.  We strive to build bridges and channels of communication that benefit the family and the business.




Bringing our full complement of resources to bear, we stand alone in our knowledge, experience and business relationships in the food and beverage and family business sectors.