The De Cardenas Law Group is a business centric law practice.  We take a pragmatic, thoughtful and innovative approach to representing food and beverage companies and family businesses in two primary roles: as outsourced general counsel and counsel for mergers and acquisition deals.  We help navigate the business law landscape so our clients can focus on growing their business knowing their legal needs are covered.

Our mission is crafted from our all-American story.  Just like millions of immigrants before us, we came to the United States of America in the early 1970s, speaking only Spanish, with very little in our pockets but with big dreams.  Learning many tough lessons along the road, today, with decades of family business experience under our belts, the De Cardenas Law Group works with family and privately-owned businesses in the food and beverage and mergers and acquisitions space.  

We believe that our family, business and cultural experiences play a critical role in the representation of our clients.